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One of the few online universities that enjoy international accreditation and which provides high quality education through highly flexible and affordable means, Glenford University has continuously attempted to break the traditional barriers of education and succeeded. By offering students a rather unique incentive that involves quality study that is not only affordable but which can also be easily accessed from the comfort of one’s home, Glenford University is currently at the forefront of change in the landscape of education.

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Through our high quality education, students will be empowered to challenge conventional thinking and come up with new and innovative ideas that aim to make positive contributions to the way our world works today. Through our expansive curriculum, students will be able to broaden their horizons on a variety of subject fields, including business, social sciences and engineering. With an approach that encourages positive and constructive interaction between teacher and student, Glenford University promises to provide an environment dedicated towards creating tomorrows leaders and professionals.

Our goal is to provide utmost flexibility to students looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in an encouraging learning environment. We offer well-rounded and comprehensive academic programs that cover nearly 16 diverse fields of study thereby giving students the chance to major in up to 71 different subjects. As one of the leading online universities of its time, Glenford University is driven to expand the online education base by providing an assortment of programs which students may choose as per their requirements and preferences. These include Associate Degree programs, Bachelor’s Degree programs, Master’s Degree program and Doctorate/PhD Level programs; each arming students with an all-inclusive and well-informed perspective of their surroundings and environment. Plus, with a global presence spanning nearly 6 continents, Glenford University ensures that you always remain connected to the university that strives to help you succeed.

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